Tying The Knot Post-Covid

If you’re like me, you’re super excited that hair salons are opening back up here in California (hallelujah!!) and life's a little closer to being back to "normal". But does that mean weddings will be back to normal too? Post-Covid, I don’t think so. Here’s what I mean by that.

While many couples are moving full steam ahead with their big plans and a rescheduled date, others have rearranged their wedding goals altogether and are opting for something on the smaller, simpler side. Here’s what I’m seeing on the horizon based on the couples I’m already booked with, and the new ones who are looking for alternate solutions to tying the knot.

Elopements are an option for those couples who don’t want to wait to say they do. They already have their license, and they're ready to use it. This might mean exchanging vows in a pretty garden, or having a simple + modern affair, with only an officiant and photographer present. Add in a bouquet, boutonniere, champagne toast, mini cutting cake, fine charcuterie (which our package includes) and viola! You're wed. Only need the bouquet and boutonniere? Or only need the mini cake? We can adjust to fit your needs. (After all, we have certainly perfected the pivot!)

Minimony’s are for those who find the simplicity of an elopement to be appealing, but  want to have their top 10 present. Defined by The Knot as “a moment of commitment” this is perfect for couples who aren’t about to give up sharing the excitement with those closest to them, and who will still have a bigger party down the road (known as a “sequel” wedding.) We are now accommodating smaller floral bookings for this as well.

Micro Weddings seem to be appealing to the couples who didn’t really find it important to have a huge guest count anyway. They are perfectly happy picking a new date with their venue and vendor team. They're scaling back the list to 50 guests or less. They’re choosing more luxurious blooms, a better meal, top shelf liquor and all the Dom Perignon. They’re upgrading things like linens and tabletop rentals, and adding in before + after parties to create a truly personalized experience. This is also a popular way for couples to keep their allowance commitments with their vendors, so there’s no monies or love lost. This gives us so much more room to create some super gorgeous florals and is by far my favorite option!

Are you planning (or re-planning) a wedding and want to explore these options? Let’s connect and I can walk you through them. Waiting for a new date to make your original plan bigger and better? We can do that too. You have options, even if they include being six feet apart or wearing a mask. Because love is not canceled.



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