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Flower shortages, supply delays, and price increases ... oh my!

Did you know?! The cut flower industry is currently facing some of the worst shortages in history across the globe due to the early pandemic lockdowns and farming interruptions. While at the same time, we are also facing some of the highest demands for cut flowers now that weddings and celebrations are starting to resume as gathering restrictions lift. Florists are struggling to get what we need to build a wedding like never before. Talk about a whirlwind!

Not only are we facing shortages all around, but prices are up as high as 4x in some regions for what we are able to get our hands on. And that’s not even just for the flowers… the same goes for hard goods and decorative supplies. We're taking huge hits on our costs to do the work we're contracted to do. The struggle is real!

Economic forecasters are indicating that it will take another 24 months from where we are right now to get back on track with availability and pricing. What does that mean for you right now as an engaged couple planning a wedding that includes fresh florals, and how can you confidently navigate through this difficult time?

1. Know that your florist, your planner, and your event designers are working tirelessly to modify and accommodate your design plans. We are all putting our resources, our knowledge, and our experience together to create the beauty that you hired us for. Florists are borrowing supplies from one another, and we are literally trading blooms as we help each other secure what we need. Designers are borrowing and swapping rentals or hard goods to make sure we keep our plans in motion. Talk about coming together as an industry!!

2. It’s vital that you make your final selections and get your bookings finalized sooner rather than later so your florist can order what's needed in enough time. Normally, when we need to make small adjustments on our end, you may not even notice (and we may not even tell you) but right now we are definitely opening up the conversation when needed. Keeping an open line of communication and information as needed has been key. Our business is built on our relationships with our clients, and our goal is to keep those relationships solid! Help us to help you.

3. Your contract should outline a plan in case drastic adjustments and substitutions need to be made (ours certainly does.) While nobody ever wants to have to rely on the fine print, it’s the foundation on which execution of your day revolves around. Trust this. Don’t nitpick specific shades or bloom types. A little flexibility will relieve you of carrying the flower burden on your back - let it go, and let your florist create. Whether you’re already booked or still looking to hire the perfect florist, make sure you understand your contract with regard to substitutions and the expectations from both you and your provider should there be any issues in securing the materials needed. Together we can better reach your dream of a

beautiful day!

Wedding Details
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4. Be understanding (and accepting) of pricing. We are experienced and knowledgeable in what it takes to create what you’re asking. I know that the numbers may look ridiculous to you right now (it does to us too!) but I promise that a reputable, seasoned professional is not going to try to price gouge. Prices are sky-high due to supply & demand, so If it’s not in the allowance, that’s ok - we can focus your investment on the most important points of your event, but asking your florist or designer to spread your dollars too thin is asking for trouble. Prepare your mindset and your budget for flexibility.

At the end of the day, keep your eyes on the prize! The ultimate goal is for you to be married surrounded by love and joy. Starting a marriage with understanding in your mind, kindness in your heart and patience in your actions is the perfect first step. And that, my friends, is just in dealing with your wedding vendors, your guests, your family, and your friends throughout the wedding planning process. Stay kind, and let’s all get through this together.



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