"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"

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Ok, I know it's cliche. But having been a teenager/young adult in the 90's, this song lives forever in my heart. Every time a big life chapter closes, these lyrics are all I can hear. And it's so true now more than ever.

Being a wedding florist has honestly been a labor of love. I have lived it, breathed it, slept it. I actually pour so much heart and emotion into what I do, and I'm sure that many other wedding florists can relate. When I'm not at the market hand picking bunches of flowers for a wedding, I'm creating design boards, emailing clients at all hours of the day and night, out tracking down and sourcing supplies, learning new techniques (or MacGuyver-ing old ways during supply shortages!) and doing a million other things our clients and other vendors never even know about. After all the hard work, I get to stand back and see that I made one of someone's most important days of their life beautiful. Not everyone can say they've done what they love and called it work, but I can. And what an honor it has been!

Although RSVP has been thriving, and I still have some of the most AMAZING couples on the books to serve in the coming months, I've also been faced with the need to balance my workload with my physical health and personal life. So I am officially retiring from wedding floral design and closing my studio. I will no longer be taking any wedding floral inquiries. This is happening a little sooner than my goal of retiring at 50 next year, but I have total peace about it and I'm ready.

I have to admit, it feels a little like Deja Vu. It just so happens that 6 years ago, almost exactly to the date of this post, I had to pause to kick breast cancer's ass. That time, I knew it wasn't for good. I knew I wasn't ready to give up weddings back then. This time, I'll be pausing to take care of a back injury (Pro Tip: Don't use a pick ax to rip out shrubs from your yard without proper training, especially if you're old like me!) Once I'm past this process, I'll be ready to reserve the rest of my days (and my health) for my family and for myself. I plan to get out there to live my best life while I still can - and I wish that for every other person too! "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here"...

So, thank you to the couples who have trusted me and allowed me to do what I love. Thank you to the ones who have been so gracious and understanding as I've had to make this transition. Thank you to the amazing vendor friends who have been the best TEAMmates in pushing toward the common goal of making each wedding day perfect. Thank you to my helpers who make sure everything goes off without missing a beat!

We still have beautiful work to create before turning out the lights, but in case the time flies by before I get a chance to say it - thank YOU for being here to read this. You have been a special part of the RSVP story.



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