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Engagement Season Is Coming!

It happens every year. The holidays start to peek out from behind summer’s end, and before we know it all the ads for engagement rings start popping up.

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Engagement season typically occurs between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, with Christmas Day being the most popular day to get engaged, according to What does this mean for you after you say yes and begin planning your celebration?

Here’s a list of my top 10 do’s and don’ts from start to finish with regard to securing your florist as you navigate through locking down the wedding details.

1. Start with a great planner. Trust me. This can make all the difference in the process overall, and will definitely make selecting and working with an experienced florist a breeze.

2. Get event insurance. Things happen as we all know, and this is a great way to protect your deposits and retainers should the unexpected occur. Weddings are a big investment. You wouldn’t buy a car without insuring it, right?

3. Do your homework in researching florists who fit the aesthetic you desire and who have done the work you are drawn to. Scroll through their Instagram and websites. Don’t pick randomly from Google or a wedding planning platform, go straight to the source instead to make sure you’re asking for something they can (and want to) create. Picking randomly in the dark can end up being a waste of your time, and theirs.

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4. Once you’ve found a florist whose work you truly love, reach out to inquire about booking minimums and availability. Be prepared by knowing how much you have to spend. (Again, having an experienced planner can get you to this point more easily.) For example, our minimum bookings on average are currently at about a $4,000 investment for 100 guests with a wedding party of 3 on each side.

5. Be understanding that consultations are booked based on availability. Most florists, just like any other business, prefer to meet or chat with you during “normal” hours. You wouldn’t ask your doctor’s office to schedule you for 8pm because of your work schedule, would you? You might have to set time aside from work and everyday life since planning a wedding takes your attention and time commitment too. (p.s…. Most florists cannot book weekend consultations - since weekends are typical when we are serving the weddings we book.)

6. Once you have a consultation or call scheduled, show up - and show up prepared. It’s that simple. Have your questions and information ready. Give a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. Just like you would expect your vendor to do so, make sure you’re participating in the same manner. There’s nothing more frustrating than scheduling a consultation (whether in person or by phone) and having a no-show. Oh wait, there is something more frustrating… please don’t show up to your call while you’re driving in traffic or picking up dinner in the drive-through!

7. We know you’ve most likely not gone through this process before, so we are happy to give you all the information you need during our consultation. But if you start to feel overwhelmed with all that we’re covering, don’t be shy about asking for us to slow down or simplify things. We are here to make things easier for you and genuinely care about this. Any florist (or any vendor really) who gets impatient with you or cannot explain things kindly is probably not the best vendor for you!

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8. Once you’ve received a proposal from us, be sure to read through all the details - not just the bottom line of cost. It’s important to know what you’re investing in, and once you understand that you’ll be able to understand the pricing.

9. Don’t take one florists’ proposal/price list and go shopping around like you’re on TPIR. Many of us will not entertain this, and truth be told - it’s tacky. If pricing is a concern, always ask how we can work things differently. Costs will vary from florist to florist. Remember, there’s always someone out there who is willing to do it “cheaper” - and by that, I don’t mean by cost, I mean by quality.

10. Most important of all, make sure you are being heard when consulting with a florist. This is YOUR day, not ours. The end goal is for us to use our expertise, our talent, and our time, to create all the beautiful things and make your wedding day dreams come true. Most of us are here because we love what we do. And you should sense that 100% from the very start. When we’re a good fit, the rest will flow.



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